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- Ringo Stalin

Sunday, April 20, 2008

There Was No Moon But The Stars Were Bright

This entry is primarily for the benefit of a chap named Nick who tends bar at one of my favourite drinking holes, Supermild*. I was there the other evening, and Nick was putting on some great tracks for the early crowd, like Squirrel Nut Zippers and Tom Waits and there was some Elvis in there too. I generally don't request songs very often, because most of the time I when I ask, I get a blank stare in return. Also, I know how irritating it can be: I used to "DJ"** at a nightclub many moons ago, and also hosted my own radio show for a time, and people would request the strangest things that were never in the same vein as what I was playing.

But I digress. I requested 'Crawfish', by Elvis Presley, which is such a damn fine song, and it actually changed my mind about Mr Presley. I'd initially dismissed a lot of his work, as most people do, without really hearing anything other than Viva Las Vegas or Suspicious Minds or Hound Dog.

I'd done the same with his film work, too, until my significant other bought King Creole and told me I should watch it. The fact that Carolyn Jones, aka Morticia Addams, is in it helped, too.

I've digressed again. Anyway, the point is: Nick didn't have it. I said I'd help him out. So here it is.

Crawfish - Elvis Presley

And this version rules too:

Crawfish - Patti Palladin & Johnny Thunders

- Ringo

*If you're in Supermild, and you're just not feeling 100%, may I recommend the Cucumber Sandwich cocktail? Sour Apple Schnapps, Pimms (I love Pimms) and ginger ale. It's like an olde timey revitalising tonic! That stuff is amazing!

** And when I say "DJ", I mean I simply put CDs in the player and played the songs. No beat-mixing or fancy business.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Second Submission!!!

The second remix has come in!

Actually, it arrived in my inbox shortly after the first one, but I'm just really lazy.

The Pitchfork Council - Dead Bodies on the Dancefloor (Rigor Mortis Mix)

The Pitchfork Council is a producer/artist from Adelaide. You can find his myspace page here.

He's got a hell of a lot of albums available for download, too. I think he's pretty nifty.
Surrogate Flesh Engine
Wicked Dreams Of Fire
Death Carols
Twenty Roses
Ropes Of Honey
(in case you were wondering, Cobra Kai have nothing to do with this post, I just love how happy Johnny looks.)
(and that guy, second from right, oooh, I hate him so much! "Get him a bodybag, Johnny!" grr! I hate that guy!!!)

- Ringo.