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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

ReeeeeeeeeMIX! And Cadavers The Blue Mask.

(Me & Captain Howdy love a remix)

Just when I thought my remix challenge had prematurely done its dash, I received another submission! This one is from Frankie Teardrop, and it's a sweet club anthem, maybe something for the recovery lounge...

Dead Bodies On The Dancefloor (Frankie Teardrop Mix) - Frankie Teardrop

'Frankie' is also known as Wolfgang, and is also known as Danny, aka Daniel, who also fronts the band who were The Blue Mask, then Trade Your Heroes For Ghosts and finally settled on Cadavers. Which is a name they better keep now, 'cos I'm not changing the file names again!!

(EDIT: One minute. ONE MINUTE after I clicked 'Publish', Danny informed me they are back to The Blue Mask. *sigh* That's okay... I like that name best anyway.)

The Blue Mask take me back to the Proscenium, the only Goth club in Adelaide, way back in the days of yore. It closed down years ago, but it left one hell of an imprint on the psyches of many of us. Be it a story of filthy deeds in the alleyway, the bathrooms or on the dancefloor, pole dancing, the Gothic Two-Step, Enzo, those horrible "Fashion Shows", or that shitty shitty watered-down rust piss they called beer, we all have a story to tell about the Proscenium.

I first met Danny there, a long, long time ago.
The Blue Mask are based in Sydney now but I know the germ of
The Blue Mask came from the filth-ridden carpet of the Proscenium.

The Blue Mask - Rains Again

The Blue Mask - Like Flies

The Blue Mask - She's Left Behind

I got these from the band's Myspace, and there are several more there too.

- Ringo Stalin