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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Remix Challenge #1

Here's another blatantly self-promotional entry.

I'm a solo musician and also a member of a group called 'The Big Band' (find the myspace here). The rest of the members of the Big Band also have solo projects they work on (you can find them through the Big Band myspace).

A short while ago, Steev expressed an interest in remixing one of my tracks, and I thought maybe I should open the track up to the public at large and let anyone who was interested remix it, like I did with The Dead Trilogy.

So here's 'Dead Bodies on the Dancefloor'.

The individual components (sorry about the vocals, I really should re-record them) (.rar format).

The original track (vocal demo).

Oh, and there's no time limit, and I'll post the remixes here as they come in.


EDIT: the song is 165bpm, according to Fruity Loops.

- Ringo Stalin


Chris in Oxford said...

Any suggestions on local Adelaide bands that I should check out once we get down there?

Champignons for my real friends... said...

Thanks for the post idea! I'll put up a selection of Adelaide bands soon.

In the meantime, some of the bands I've put up already (Belittle League, No Through Road, Blanche Deveraux & The Miserable Whores, Home For The Def) are all Adelaide types.