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Thursday, October 9, 2008


(the real Horrahedd)
Halloween approaches! Closer to the date, I will be doing the same as thousands of other bloggers and putting up my own Halloween mixtape.

But for now, what better way to get in the mood for my favourite time of year than settling down with my favourite Adelaide schlockmeisters, Horrahedd?

Mr Glenn has been so kind as to make the entirety of Horrahedd's latest album available as a free download and I wholeheartedly recommend it.

As for what it sounds like, let me put it to you as Halloweeny as I can:

Imagine biting into an apple. Mmm, delicious! Wait... What's that? Oh dear lord! It's a shard of razor blade!! Oh god it hurts!!! Wait... this razor blade is made of caramel!! Delicious!! But my mouth is still full of blood... And my blood tastes like pepperoni. And pepperoni, caramel and apples is a remarkably tasty combination... so we take another bite of the apple. It's then we find the worm...

Okay, equating 'taste' with 'sound' is a little awkward, but it's the whole 'running the gamut of a myriad of emotions' thing that I was going for... Shut up.

Here are a few teaser tracks from the album:

Horrahedd - Knife Stinks of Art

Horrahedd - Transparent Man

Click the pic for the megaupload link for the full album.

Click here for the Horrahedd site, which also has a lot of great mp3s available to download.

- Ringo Stalin

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