CfMRF... is sleeping...

Champignons for My Real Friends... has ended.

Please find the sequel at Ringo Stalin's Curios (and other oddities).

Much obliged.

- Ringo Stalin

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Let's just say... 'Smell ya later'.

Hi folks.

The end has come. I'm putting CfMRF... to bed. I've decided to leave CfMRF... where it is, and create an altogether new blog, one not just dedicated to music but to other curios that I've got lying around the house. Rest assured, however, that I will still be posting music and blatantly self-promoting my own work.

So check out Ringo Stalin's Curios (and other oddities)

But beware: NSFW, smut, 'blue' themes, and other ribald and unsavoury tales are contained herein.

So let's not say goodbye. Let's just say...

Be seeing you.

- Ringo Stalin

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