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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I believe an introduction is in order...

Please allow me to make the introductions; my name is Ringo Stalin and this is Champignons for My Real Friends...

Also, please allow me to explain, perhaps somewhat long-windedly, why I'm here:

I recently heard MIA's 'Paper Planes' at a party and thought 'Why, that's the Clash! And one of my favourite tracks, too! It's a shame that very few of my friends have heard the original version of 'Straight To Hell''. Shortly after that, someone on Hype Machine had posted the version of Paper Planes, with the original chorus (i.e., without the sound effects), while another had posted Straight To Hell. Then I thought 'How can I share these songs with friends with the least amount of tedium involved (at least at my end)?' and then I decided to create a blog... because there's nothing tedious about a blog! *knowing wink and nudge*

And then it occurred to me that a blog run purely by myself, containing only music that I liked might not be as interesting to other people as, say, maybe a blog that had other people contributing entries, too. And maybe those other people can be my friends, who I'm sure have a few things to share, too.

And thus, Champignons for My Real Friends... was born.

Obviously it's not the most original idea on Teh Internets, but it should be a bit of fun.

Be seeing you!

Megaupload links (mp3)

MIA - Paper Planes (original chorus)

The Clash - Straight to Hell

The Clash (ftg. Allen Ginsberg) - Ghetto Defendant

No Through Road - Crush This Town

Belittle League - Underfire

Paul Williams - The Hell of It

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nige/ said...

sounds to me like M.I.A. took that song into a garage, put it up on jacks and fixed it. : )