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Sunday, December 9, 2007

We'll be looking sharp, I swear

I guess this means I've hit the ground waddling. Second post!

The biggest news I've got at the moment is that one person has already submitted their own post for CfMRF... I'll be putting that up real soon.

On to the music:

I love The Afghan Whigs, Twilight Singers and basically anything Greg Dulli puts his grubby, dirty, lovable fingers on. I interviewed Greg back when Blackberry Belle was released, in 2003. During my time as a 'music journalist' with a local street rag, I would say he was my favourite interviewee, and after the initial awkwardness inherent in all interviews, he relaxed and we joked around a bit. I told him my pen name (his response: 'you are one sick fuck') and he told me of his jam band 'Sinsemilia Earhart: All flights leave at 4.20' (that's weed talk, folks).

A week or two later, I was due to interview Greg again, this time for a radio interview. I waited on hold for probably 15 minutes, only to have the management people tell me that Greg's house was being threatened by the LA bushfires and that he had to attend to that. Best excuse EVER.

I always hoped that maybe I would be able to talk to Greg again, if only to make sure his house and his cat were okay. The moment's probably passed by now though and that cat's probably long dead.

Going to Town single (buy)

1. Afghan Whigs - Going to Town
2. Afghan Whigs - Going to Town (live) (mp3)
3. Afghan Whigs - You've Changed (mp3)
4. Afghan Whigs - I Want To Go To Sleep (mp3)
5. Afghan Whigs - Moon River (mp3)

I would turn for this man, twice. Firstly, I'd pretty much sex him right there. Secondly, I'd willingly start smoking again.
- Ringo

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nice blog, Luke.