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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

SA Great - Special Edition

I'm a very lazy man. I was meant to post a second part to the first 'SA Great' entry ages ago. That's still coming... eventually... at some point...

In the meantime, I'm dedicating this post to one Adelaide band in particular, Hit The Jackpot, who I mentioned in the original 'SA Great' post.

Hit The Jackpot have just released "Soul Money Gang Vibe" and it's already at No 1. of my Top Ten albums of 2008 list. I don't actually compile annual lists because I rarely get to listen to albums in the year they get released, but rest assured, this is definitely at No 1.

The most obvious thing for me to write about would be the most obvious comparison I could make to HTJ's sound. Well, far be it from me to defy convention: Sonic Youth. But I'm not a big Sonic Youth fan, and all I really know is the "Dirty" album, which is, y'know, okay. I'm not going to go out of my way to listen to "Dirty", but I've ripped "Soul Money Gang Vibe" onto my hard drive, put on my portable music thingy, listened to it on the way to work, and then dumped it onto my hard drive at work, and made other people listen to it too. And to look at the awesome cover:

There's an evocation of The Go-Betweens, too, particularly in Kynan's vocals, which are sung in an unassuming Australian lilt.

It'd be foolish of me to try and remain objective when discussing this album. Hell, I'm on the front and back cover!

(that's me, the smiley chap in the gray shirt, holding up one corner of the pyramid)

The day those photos were taken was perfect: a gorgeous summer's day (and I usually loathe the summer), a few beers, interstate buddies visiting, a night-time BBQ and a fuckload of face-masks. Hell yeah, that's living!

Hit The Jackpot - Eye (my personal favourite from the album, and a great song to hear performed live)

Hit The Jackpot - Jig

Cheers, Jess, Kynan, Seb and Scott. You're a lovely bunch.

- Ringo Stalin

Find out more about Hit The Jackpot, via this link.

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